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Where comes the Metech

The Metech Enterprises Co., Ltd., has been in its distribution business of metal processing machines since 1984.

1984 was a year of tremendous industrial growth in territory of Taiwan where had on economic growth rate at a highest ever peak of more than 7% yearly. Accordingly, metal processing capacities and production efficiency were immediate needs.

About 5 years before 1984, the members of Metech were the technicians engaging in maintenance work for metal processing machines, mainly for those of LVD, Roundo, Trumpf, etc. This made our young people familiar with the features and characteristics of the machines concerned.

With this superior technical experience, Metech was founded at 1984, and has been keeping his commitment of putting technology into sales job for the following 20 years.

Who is the Metech

Metech, now, is not a large one yet, but surely becoming as an essential and important leading distributor of the machines and toolings for sheet metal processing industries in local markets.

Besides, Metech has been still doing its job of maintenance services as did at initial stage for most sophisticated metal processing machines, including the ones sold by Metech and the others sold not through Metech's channel, upon the request of the users.

Currently, there are totally more than 1,200 users in connecting with Metech for both sales bussiness and maintenance work. For this customer capacity, we have 10 persons working in full time including 3 for sales, 3 for after-service , 2 for software technology and, 1 for adminstration support and 1 for project execution All of them, are young and well-educated, also energetic and not afraid of hard work.



The machines , toolings and software we represent

Currently, we are authorized to be an exclusive agent for worldwide makers, as followings:
● LVD / Strippt of Belgium, for punch press and laser-cutting.
● Roundo of Sweden, for sheet bender and section bender.
● Wilson-tools of USA , for punching tools.
● YSD of LVD authorized in China , for press brake and shearing machines.
● Metalix of Israel, for cncKad CAD/CAM solution for sheet metal manufacturer.
● Vertex G4 of Finland, for unparalleled 3D sheet metal design.

Newly-made machines ,toolings and advanced software are our major goal, and the used one is also a role

Metech are dealing and marketing machines and toolings with advanced controller software for metal sheet processing industries as his major bussiness .
● While newly-made equipment is our core goal, we also do the supply of used one, with the 20-year experience, to meet customers' deamnd.
● For this multi-purpose,Metech has been strengthening its ability via cooperation with world-wide outstanding partners to integrate effectively the machine assessment, technology, reliability and customer service.
● It could be said,with Metech is with innovative spirit and sincerity of service.


The strength & weakness of Metech

1. Strength
● To put technology, well-being knowledge and good after-service ability into sales enables Metech to have a great degree of integrity in his distribution job with reliability and security.
● An extensive local contact and being aware of local business plans enables Metech to get into market-demands well ahead of any serious competition.
● Metech always try to utilize a complete ranges of packaging, including hardward,softward and after-service to meet the varied needs of customers.

The delivery over ocean is not as consistently fast and easy as the local makers do. We have to avoid spending too much time in negotiation for a case so that the stress on ocean-delivery can be reduced.



Why a local agent is prefered

We thought, firms that are represented by a local agent should waste no time in searching of alterings their local contacts.

In most cases, to win a competition in over-sea markets depends on the cooperation with a local company who is familiar both with the demands that local users prefer and with the items that the supplier is engaging in.

To be as a partner, our goal is to create an advantage for three sides : the supplier, the customers and Metech.

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